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Find your image, and voila it appears! There are many places to find images. Assuming that you've already saved some images on your computer to use, simply use the menus on the top of Publisher -- Insert, Picture, From File. Of course, you'll need some images to add. If you need ideas, see the links below. Connectivity-wise, you get WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 and an RJ-45 LAN port for networking. Sadly, the webcam is placed just above the keyboard, which isn't an ideal spot if you want to look good on Skype, but at least it comes with a physical sliding cover for privacy. Then you have three USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, two USB-C ports (one Thunderbolt 3, one DisplayPort 1.4 over USB 3.1), an HDMI 2.0 socket and a headphone jack. For some reason, Gigabyte has thrown in an RGB backlit keyboard -- with a numeric keypad -- here as well. In this case, Samsung has created a software HDR filter. When flipped on, it applies an HDR-like effect to any video you're watching. Honestly, in action the effect is pretty subtle, but it's an interesting idea, and if you don't like the effect on your favorite Netflix show, you can just turn it off. Operating system Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Ultra, man To give the company proper credit, Samsung has been making super thin and light laptops since before it was cool (or at least common). Way back in 2011, the company pioneered slim Windows laptops with the Series 9, a 13-inch laptop that weighed a then-unheard-of 2.9 pounds. Shortly after that, Intel teamed up with several PC makers to offer similarly svelte "ultrabook" laptops, and that's been the default design for 13-inch systems ever since, even if the ultrabook name fell by the wayside. ASUS even took this feature to the next level on its dual-screen ZenBook Pro Duo. Inside, you get up to a Core i9-9980HK octa-core CPU, up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU, DDR4 2,666MHz RAM and a speedy SSD. At Computex, Gigabyte is the latest company to join the trend, with a refreshed Aero 15 featuring a Samsung 4K AMOLED panel, wrapped in a 3mm-thin bezel. -text c-gray-1" >In 2019, OLED laptops are nothing new.

 At this point, making waves in this crowded pool requires adding new features, better designs or other extras. But there are a lot of hybrid laptops with 360-degree hinges out there. Samsung has included what it calls an HDR mode -- which mean high dynamic range. In the case of this 15-inch version of the Notebook 7 Spin, you get a full-HD touchscreen with an interesting special feature. So, as soon as you get a series of those lines like you want them, GROUP them together.

 Now they are one unit or object and can't get scattered again (until you ungroup them). Although the line tool is precise, it can get messy if you accidentally move a line. The GROUP tool is one you'll want to become familiar with because it will save you a lot of grief in the future. Like other 360-degree hinge hybrids, including the popular Lenovo Yoga series, you can stop at a few points along the way, such as a kiosk mode or table tent mode, which puts the display front and center.

 It's a poignant tale that captures the intensity of first love with all its sadness, longing and regret - and the ending is heart-breaking. Dubbed the French Brokeback Mountain, this slight novella has been translated by none other than Molly Ringwald. If you're still interested, though, Gigabyte will be sharing detailed pricing some time in June. What we do know for now is that the new Aero 15 series will start from NT$60,000 or about US$1,900, and we were told that this doesn't yet include the OLED display.

 That's not going to make you a top-flight gamer, but I could play some mainstream games at medium settings and full HD resolution, so that makes the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin one of the only game-friendly hybrids I've seen. There's one other interesting extra in this model, an Nvidia 940MX graphics chip. There are specific suggestions for different grade levels and for using notebooking with several styles of homeschool. Written by a homeschool mom who has used notebooking for many years, Notebooking Success shows how to use notebooking to promote learning and retention.

 Likewise, this is one of the very few laptops that feature a UHS-II SD card slot. This means you no longer have to whip out a dedicated card reader to reach full speeds -- up to about 300MB/s or at least three times faster than UHS-I cards. But what Gigabyte has been focusing on is the fact that every Aero 15 OLED has its screen tuned by X-Rite Pantone before leaving the factory, and with its 100-percent DCI-P3 gamut plus DisplayHDR 400 certification, this laptop is clearly designed with video makers in mind.

 For on-the-go video editors and creatives, it's a very tempting feature. It's an attractive proposition, but it's something we'll have to test out for ourselves to see if those figures bear out. The new Aero 15 is also apparently the world's first laptop with integrated Microsoft Azure AI, which studies your usage to automatically tune the CPU and GPU for optimal performance. According to Gigabyte, Adobe Premiere Pro runs 20 to 40 percent faster on the Aero than the competition thanks to Azure AI's assistance.

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